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At UAT Group, we believe that innovation and technology are the next form of human evolution. Our holdings passionately represent some of the most advanced technology as it relates to alternative energy, conventional energy, medical innovation, environmental remediation, weapons systems, and compound recognition technologies.

Our powerful portfolio of companies is only as good as the people behind it. At UATG Shaping a corporate culture is anything but passive. It’s an active endeavor that requires the participation of everyone involved. UATG is proud to nurture a culture in which all employees are respected and empowered to do the right thing. Every day, in every situation. We foster an environment of technological empowerment and provide our coworkers with superior resources to maximize the company’s opportunities for success.

Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc., also believes in a diversified approach. To help bring about a new day of technological advances and to capitalize on the human spirit for innovation, we have and will continue to develop holdings who represent the most motivated and hardest working companies in their respective industries. We invite you to visit our holdings and to contact us to learn more about the UAT Group.  

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